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About Club Trance

For every mix I select my favourite tracks and put them into the Club Trance Podcast, listen to it completely free on Mixcloud. Expect a wicked selection of Trance, Tech and Progressive, both new and old. These tracks will go way beyond your expectations and imagination, some may even surprise you.

Why listen to
Club Trance?

Club Trance is about those tracks which move you emotionally and make you wish you were at some trance party dancing madly lost in the crowd without a care in the world reaching up for the lasers. This is without a doubt a must for trance music fans!

Hi Quality Audio

All recordes are cleaned before recording a mix in to traktor through Ortofon Concorde MKII Club cartridges and the NI Kontrol Z2. The final mix is mastered in Ableton Live Ten using Waves plugins.

Vinyl Surface Noise

All of the the mix’s that feature music from 2007 or older are recorded from vinyl records that saw heavy use in clubs and with that they have some ware, so there will be hiss in the quiet parts of some tracks and the occasional pop. This is just how it is with vinyl.

File format

I have chosen to use Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) m4a files because you can embed chapter markers allowing you to skip through the podcast just like the good old days of the CD.


If you use an Android device and want to download the podcast I recommend Podcast Addict. Just search for club trance or add the RSS feed manualy and you'll get all of the podcasts with auto download when a new episode is available, and it's the only app on Android that shows track names and lets you skip through the podcast. It's also free.

Track List

If you listen on a platform that does not show the track list you can view every episodes track list here.

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